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Jigsaw days at Tip Top Hair Design

Jigsaw Days at Tip Top Hair Design Ruth and I started jigsaw days back in August. Over the years we have supported many different charity’s, but this year we decided we wanted to do something ourselves.
Jigsaw Days takes place once every 8weeks on a Sunday when the salon Is normally closed, there are snacks, drinks, sensory toys PEC cards and every child completing their haircut receive a certificate of their achievement.  
Both Ruth and I have children on the autistic spectrum and so we know just how tricky a simple visit to the hair salon can be.  For children on the spectrum it can simply be an overload of sensory issues. Hair falling, unusual noises, odd sensations to name but a few. 
We took inspiration from Jim the Barber from autism barbers assemble who we both follow on Facebook, he is amazing the patience  he has is outstanding. 
We can do that to!  

After January’s Jigsaw Day we received a lovely message from one of our happy customers, here’s what she had to say. 
THIS is w…

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