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My twin and I

Me myself my twin 

On my previous blog I started to tell you a little about myself, my driving force for the business and my family. I count myself as being incredibly lucky as I have a very close family, my Mum Dad and Sister are my best friends. My sister is more than that she is my identical twin, my double,  sometimes she drives me NUTS but I'm sure I do her too.

Above is one of my favourite pictures of us together when we were small, I think I love it because can really see our children in the photograph.

First day of school

My twin and I were very lucky. We both always new what we'd like to do when we grew up, I only ever remember Fiona saying she wanted to be a teacher as for me becoming a hairdresser was written in the stars,  even on my first day of school. When asked by my teacher what I'd like to do. Because I  was so upset I replied "put rollers in your hair". 
In some ways my twin and I are very different, from our hobbies and interests to our taste …
Me myself and my family 
First of all let me welcome you to my new blog, I'm hoping to run this along side of my Facebook pages Tip Top Hair Design Ashby and Vintage at Tip Top Hair Design, my Twitter, and my website . Someone once told me that you as a business needed to be seen in 5 different ways for potential new customers to realise who you are,  so this is me increasing that.

I have thought for a few months about starting to write a blog about. Me, My salon, health,  being a mum and a farmers wife, I wanted this to be about me and how I balance everything! but still remaining professional,  not a common mix I know,  but trying to balance salon life with the life of a mum for the last 10 years and being with my husband for 20 years (married for 12) are aspects of my life I am equally passionate about.
My family © Fiona Millington Photography
I first met my husband back in 1995 when I was just 16 years old …