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Something Old, Something New  Old... Do you know those times in your lives when you feel old, (I know I'm only 35. Just) well this week I've felt like that, nothing major has happened to make me think like this, just the small inklings you get of people's perception of you. Mine was old and un trendy.  Some of this I know us due to my weight BUT that I can do something about and I am. I'd like to loose a lot of weight by the summer..... Maybe writing it here will help me stick to it. 
I'd like to take a picture at a normal height  And not worry about my chins! 
New... In salon I truly love all aspects of  hairdressing (maybe not perming) but I still find it exciting to get involved in different things, like the photo shoots or vintage shows, or an amazing restyle.  The restyle part of this happened on Friday a young man who had been growing his hair since he was 5 years old decided to cut it off. The transformation was astounding.  Check it out below

Mid w…