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It's been a while

Life Blimey!!!

So it's been a while since I wrote on my blog, to be honest it's been a time full of highs and lows, I've kept thinking I must write but just haven't been able too. There has been lovely family meals and a great family and friends Christmas. There has been holidays,  fun days, dog days and downright tricky days. 

My beautiful daughter is quirky in the most glorious way. We've been referred to camhs for her as they're questioning high functioning autism (formally Aspergers), she certainly has some key behaviours, whether it is that or not, we need at times a little support and understanding with her. Academically she's absolutely fine, but social she's a few years behind, and sometimes that can cause issues.  We are currently 22weeks on a waiting list to see the correct department and they've said I could be another 30!  My advice is if you have any concern with your children push for help early!  

As a family we've had many issues but one of the key ones has been helping her understand internet safety which causes us to be anxious and continually check what she's doing, I know some people may think this is a breach of her privacy, but currently until she can show some understanding of dangers and recognition of them I will continue to check to keep her safe. 

Another has been appropriate behaviour with different aged children and how she plays and interacts, on her own she's blooming marvellous most of the time, this I believe has lead us to us approaching the doctors when she's older, I think if we'd have had more children we'd have seen things and realised earlier, it has also made it difficult explaining to friends and family why we are seeking help. Because sometimes they simply don't see it.  

I do realise and understand she may catch up and there isn't a diagnosis to be made, but also maybe there is and I wouldn't want to deny her any help if she can get it.  

Within the salon there has been a few changes too. In march Ruth became assistant manageress, Rachael progressed to stylist and Emma joined our team as salon assistant and junior stylist.  The salon has been involved in a few photo shoots which is always exciting,

Model Helen from Lovebirds Vintage. Photographer Steve Bond Images

We have expanded and have opened a separate barber area offering traditional wet shaves and men's facials, these are done by our resident barber Ruth Geary, the barbers has brought a new dimension to the salon and gents visiting us love it! Whether you are seasoned in shaving or a teen just starting out we can help your skin look and feel brilliant, everyone should experience a deluxe traditional wet shave  and see what we're talking about!  Please visit our dedicated Facebook page and check out our great time lapse video too. 

Tip Top Hair Design is going from strength to strength and I couldn't be any prouder. We were recently nominated and reached the finals for the English Hair and Beauty Awards for best customer service, unfortunately we didn't win this year though it was a super achievement and we had a fabulous night out at the awards ceremony, next year will be our year! 

 By Ruth Geary and Fiona Millington photography 

By Jacqui Model Helen and Steve Bond Images 

So there you have it.  A few ups and downs in brief, hope you enjoyed reading and I'll be back soon.  


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